EDI*LIB: EDI files formats Converter


EDI*LIB is a library for converting data formats. The formats can be either international or national.

The international supported formats are EDIFACT & SWIFT.

The national supported formats are: AFB120, AFB160,AFB240, AFB320 (FRANCE) , AEB (SPAIN) and the Venezuela Edifact formats.

EDI*LIB is provided for  Windows 32 bits and Unix .

Supported Functions :

  • Document Initialisation ,
  • Segments Management,
  • Fields & sub-fields management,
  • Conversion between  SWIFT/EDIFACT/National and flat,
  • Errors Management,
  • Syntaxical checking,
  •  CONTRL (EDIFACT) message generation,
  • Multiple Existing libraries for conversion between different types of messages.