Etebac5 Security


ETEBAC5 is the French secured file transfer between customers and banks.

The security services offered by the ETEBAC5 standard are:

Security Services Security Technics
Access Control Smart cards and access lists
Authentication RSA512 and 1024 bits
Integrity DES-CBC, DES-MDC and SHA1
Confidentiality DES-CBC 56bits and Triple DES-CBC 112 bits
Non-Repudiation RSA512 and 1024 bits
Authority and Judge By GIE CB which personnalizes the DXP smart cards (clients) and D9 smart cards(banks).

The ETEBAC5 security components ETB5V2 are available for customers and banks and support the both ETEBAC5 Versions 1.4 and 2.1.

EASEIT is the leader for providing the security components for ETEBAC5.

EASEIT security components are integrated by its partners and integrators witin their own products.

All the security products are SCSSI certified since 1995.

EASEIT provides the Xiring and Omnikey smart cards readers which are supported by the standard.