ETEBAC Files Transfer
PLUG/EDI*FT: Etebac Files Transfer

When a new Internet server is deployed the following problems may occur:

  • Supporting customers exchanging files by file transfer products such as Etebac3, Etebac5, Pesit, Oftp,...,
  • Having unique administration for new Internet customers and existing customers using file transfer products.

A trivial  solution is  to support both servers: the new one and the legacy servers; but we will have the following consequences:

  • Multiplicity of administration interfaces for  contracts databases, trail databases,...,
  • Multiplicity of teams for supporting both customers types ,
  • Maintaining skills on different products,
  • Multiple customers data format management in databases, files .. ...
  • In conclusion:  increase of  management costs & support.

Easeit provides PLUG/EDI*FT solution which offers definitive solution to the above problems by adding a  EDI files transfer  canals which can be plugged into multi-Canals Internet Servers.

The interoprability with the multi-Canals Internet Servers is very simple. Access to the administration of customers, data management, trail,... is simply done by exits.