Since 1995, EASEIT has built a range of information security products that meets the main international standards :

  • EBICS ,
  • Etebac5,EDI5,
  • e-business and XML security,
  • Edifact/ISO9735/ISABEL,
  • Cryptographic libraries
  • Internet Security.

More than 150 banks in Europe, Asia and Africa have implemented our products. In France, the majority of the  Bank servers utilize the ETEBAC5 security  components from EASEIT.

Beyond its trade of software publisher, EASEIT takes an active part in the evolution and the enrichment of the security standards. EASEIT is member of security workgroups.

In order to encourage the new technologies, Easeit launched a competition for projects in the environment and sustainable development.

All the products of EASEIT profit from the most advanced techniques in the information security domain : new algorithms, multi-OS environment, multi-smart card readers manufacturers, ...

EASEIT is the first compagny:

  • to have implemented the AUTACK message with the Etebac5 security,
  • to have implmented the Etebac5 security in Java ,
  • to support the PC/SC  in ETEBAC5,
  • to securize both documents and Web pages using XML/EDISEC .

To support its technological effort, EASEIT has developed since 1997 partnerships with several engineering and business schools.

In 1999, EASEIT was granted the French public innovation label OPPIDUM for the EDI and e-business security by XML. EB/EDISEC is the first XML security product in the market.

In addition to its products activity, Easeit offers consultancy services in the security, telecommunications, smart cards and EDI technologies.

Since 2009, Easeit launched the Jezzinian Sustainable Developement Contest.