X509 Security
EB/EDI*SEC: The e-business multi-format security


EB/EDI*SEC offers high level security requests for signature and confidentiality for XML documents, HTML pages, data, and all document types.

EB/EDI*SEC is an easy to use library. Only few requests are needed to sign and encrypt or check secured objects.

EB/EDI*SEC can be used in environments needing strong security like e-business, document security, file transfers or e-banking.

EB/EDI*SEC supports both X509 and Etebac5 certificates. The security envelop  can be either XML/DSIG, XML/EDI5 , PKCS7,DSMS, ISIL or S/MIME.

EB/EDI*SEC utilizes the multi-providers security library EDI5X. Security devices: Etebac5, CryptoAPI, PKCS11or OpenSSL can be easily utilized including: smart cards, tokens, files or other.

EB/EDI*SEC offers Java, C interfaces applets for the Web.

EASEIT obtained the Oppidum Innovation label for the EB/EDI*SEC (SEDIDOCS project). EB/EDI*SEC was the real first XML security product in the market. The first implementation of this project was for the Etebac5 (XML/EDI5).