AUTACK Signature

A wide range of algorithms, mechanisms or mode can be utilized in the ISO 9735 standard. Every domain implements a subset of the standard (D6/CRG in Financial field, ISABEL in Belgium, ZKA in Germany ..); causing sometimes trouble for softwarehouses to support all these subsets.

Instead of using the attached security technics in ISO9735-5 with EDIFACT certificates, a lot of domains prefered the use of the AUTACK message with named keys . The AUTACK message is no more used as detached signature but as an attached signature in the same interchange or file.

SimpleAutacj provides the AUTACK signature in a simple method by using the EDI5X multi-devices library which will enable the use of ETEBAC5 or X509 devices for AUTACK signing.

SimpleAutack Specifications


SimpleAutack provides attached signature technics by AUTACK message.

SimpleAutack is the lite version of EDI*SEC and offers the Autack versions for D6, ZKA, ISABEL, 4.2, 4.1, the AECOC security and supports the EDI5X multi-devices library.

Functions are called via C API, scripts or applets for the web.

Operating Systems :

  • Windows 32 bits
  • AIX, Solaris, Linux, HPUX, SCO.


  • C API , Java, Applets and scripts.
  • Signatures D6, 4.2, 4.1, ZKA et ISABEL.
  • High level Signature requests on files and data by EDI5X devices (Etebac5, EDI5, PKCS11, CryptoAPI and OpenSSL).
  • Hashing SHA1 and MD5.
  • RSA Signature in modes 9796, 9796-2, 9796-2 schema 2, PKCS1 and X509.
  • Trail Management .
  • Self-Signed X509 and EDI5 devices generation.
  • Export and Import of public keys by Keyman Message and Paper format.