Edifact Security
EDI*SEC: Edifact & ISO9735 Security


The Edifact version (syntax 4) brings new modifications to the version three. Among these modifications the normalization of the security services which were not a part of the syntax 3 standard which were described in MIGs or by adapting some messages(CIPHER, CONFID ...)

The parts 5,6,7 and 9 of the standard implement the security services and define respectively the security by joined segments, the security by the AUTACK message, confidentiality and key and certificates management.

The certificates are Edifact certificates. But other formats can be utilized such as X509 or named keys.

A wide range of algorithms, mechanisms or mode can be utilized in the standard. Every domain implements a subset of the standard (D6/CRG in Financial field, ISABEL in Belgium, ZKA in Germany ..); causing sometimes trouble for softwarehouses to support all these subsets.

As almost all Edifact convertirs utilize the syntax 3, the security can be utilized in its syntax 4 format. Both syntaxes 3 and 4 of the security can be utilized with the syntax 3 of Edifact, as well as the syntax 4 of security with the syntax 4 of Edifact.

In financial EDI the Edifact security is used in International Payorders, Diredbs,....


EDI*SEC Specifications


EDI*SEC offers the attached security syntax based on the EDIFACT/ISO9735-5 , the detached signature and acknowledgment generation based on ISO9735-6.

Confidentiality with CIPHER and CONFID are supported by the EDI*CIPHER product.

The lite version SimpleAutack offers the Autack versions for D6, ZKA, ISABEL, 4.2, 4.1, the AECOC security and supports the EDI5X multi-devices library.

All functions are available for clients and servers.

Functions are called via C API or scripts.

Functions :

  • Embedded and separated security on Edifact files or other types.
  • Communication layers independency
  • Securized files can be transmitted by any mean (email, ftp,...)
  • Security on interchange, all  or some messages level.
  • Non Edifact files can be securized by package or by Autack.
  • Modularity and scalarability.

Operating Systems :

  • Windows 32 bits
  • AIX, Solaris, Linux, HPUX, SCO.

Specifications :

  • Contexts management,
  • security devices management,
  • certificates management,
  • Support of Edifact certificates, named keys & X509 Certificates ,
  • keys and random numbers management,
  • KEYMAN message support,
  • RSA signature,
  • Hash Functions: SHA1, DES-CBC, DES-MDC, MD5, MD4, MD2, RIPEMD128 & RIPEMD160.
  • Encryption Functions: DES-CBC, Triple DES, RCx 128 bits & IDEA ,
  • Proofs management,
  • Trail management by TRAILMAN .