EDI5 Security


The EDI5 protocol is the use of ETEBAC5 in projects different than the usual transfers between customers and French banks.

EDI5 includes international projects and non financial corporate projects in France such as TVA/TDFC teledeclarations .

GIE CB is not the authority for these projects.

The choice of security devices and security technics can be different than the usual devices and technics of ETEBAC5.

CRYPTIT-EDI5 products support:

  • additionnal devices suchs as floppies, smart cards and the IKEY®
  • additionnal hash functions such as MDx and RIPEMDx.
  • additionnal smart card readers

CRYPTIT-EDI5 products include:

  • ETB5V2 for customer and servers.
  • AUTHORITY for authorities..

A dozen of EDI5 projects are actually implemented in the world and utilize EASEIT security products.

EASEIT offers also the visual printing of smart cards.