Etebac5 Web Signature 


An Etebac5 application uses the following technical components:

  • Application for orders and status management,
  • Signature application to validate the orders,
  • Teclommunication application for exchanging files with banks by using the PeSIT-E protocol,
  • Security component for securizing the file exchange. This component is made of a smart card reader(usually the DE144), a smart card (DX) and a security DLL .

ETEBAC5 applications have already prooved their strength but have the following inconvenients:

  • Applications specially used by big compagnies because of the cost of the solution.
  • Integration with the Information system which implies multi-format imports/exports.
  • Parameters are not easy to use.
  • Slow Communications .

By using the power of the security technics of Etebac5, EASEIT provides the EB/EDI*SEC products which resolve the preceeding inconvenients.

  • The files can be directily signed or checked at the output/input of the Information System.
  • The signed files offer all the security services because of the the security enveloppe.
  • The prroves are compatible with the GSIT format.
  • The number of parameters are only the identities neededfor prooves .
  • The securized files can be exchanged by mail, ftp, …
  • By utilizing the PC/SC smart card readers the cost is reduced to its minimum. Finally the Etebac5 security can be utilized by SOHO.

Easy to use EB/EDI*SEC enables to sign/check or encrypt/decrypt files or data with a reduced number of requests.

EB/EDI*SEC uses the EDI5X multi-formats library, security devices such as Etebac5, CryptoAPI, PKCS11 or OpenSSL can be used. Security technics are offered directily by EDI5X, CryptoAPI, PKCS11 and OpenSSL. The security devices can be smart cards, tokens, files or other type.

EB/EDI*SEC offers Java, C interfaces and applets and can be used on client side or servers.

In 1999 EASEIT received the "OPPIDUM" innovation label for his security proposal by XML. The first implementation of this project was for the Etebac5 (XML/EDI5).