Ebics Presentation


EBICS is the german securized exchange standard between banks and customers. Since 2008 the french banking organism, the CFONB, adapoted the Ebics standard in replacement of the french ETEBAC standards respecting a time plan. The actual Ebics version is the 2.4 .

EBICS enables the eschange of payment orders, statements, direct debits and other types by encasulating the files via XML and transfering them on https.

EASEIT provides multiple Ebics products for telecommunications and security for both customers stations and banks servers.

The security services offered by Ebics are the following :

Services Security Technics
Access Control Lists
Mutual Authentication XML/DSIG: RSA 2048 bits
Integrity SHA256
Confidentiality AES and TripleDES 128 bits
Non Repudiation A005/A006 Signatures : RSA2048 bits
Keys Support Named Keys and Certificates
T Version Self-Signed Certificates and Paper confirmation
TS Version CA delivered certificates and Personnal Signature