SimpleEBICS Security


EASEIT provides multiple Ebics products for telecommunications and security for both customers stations and banks servers.

For the customers stations and banks servers , EASEIT provides security the security component SimpleEBICS- Security which complies with the Easeit security standard architecture.

SimpleEBICS-Security Specifications:

  • DLL component for Windows 32 bits for customer stations and bank server.
  • .net and java interfaces for customer station and bank server.
  • php interface for bank server
  • Easey to use
  • Version EBICS : 2.4 – T and TS Phases.
  • Keys : 2048 bits with or without certificates
  • Three supported certificates: Authentication, Confidentiality and Signature
  • Keys Support : PKCS12, ACOS5 & misc market security devices
  • Supported Signatures : A005 & A006 by ACOS5 & PKCS12 and A005 for misc market security devices
  • Encryptiion: E002 & E001
  • Authentication : X002
  • Self-signed certificates generation on ACOS5 and PKCS12
  • C14n Canonisation
  • Compression
  • Quick integration with products