SimplySign for Ebics

Easeit provides the SimplySign for Ebics product as an GUI software for customer side.

Easy to use, SimplySign for Ebics enables the signature and communications using Ebics for the T and TS phases.



  • GUI Interface
  • T and TS versions support.
  • Bases: Access and Oracle.
  • Security Devices Management.
  • Communication Sessions Management.
  • Ebics Entities Management: HostId, PartnerId, UserId.
  • Certificates Holders Management.
  • File Types Management.
  • Ebics Flows Management.
  • Files preparation for signature (TS) or transfer (T).
  • Simple and Double Signatures on prepared files afer acceptation.
  • Files Rejection.
  • Both ways transfers.
  • Periodic Transfers.
  • Proofs and Trails Management. 
  • Directories automatic transfer.
  • Retries.
  • Support of PKCS12 and security tokens.
  • CFONB messages: FUL, FDL, INI, HIA, HPB, HCA, HCS, PUB, SPR, ...
  • Certificates generation and printing.

General Vue:

Vue générale